The newly opened Wellness Center is available to hotel guests and the public daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

For free capacity information, call 577 005 918 or 577 005 915.

E-mail: wellness@tomasov.cz

 What you can find here:

  • Modern designed Whirlpool with warm water 35 - 37 ° C, for individuals or groups of max. 6 people, with multifunction nozzles, with intimate lighting
  • Finnish sauna for up to 4 people with the possibility of using a cooling shower or a cold-water bucket
  • Kneipp's walkway with loose pebbles
  • Launch beds and chairs made of solid wood
  • Relaxation massages aimed at the regeneration of the whole body
  • Gym (10 x 5 m) with parquet floor, equipped with mirror wall, air conditioning, audio / video equipment incl. wireless microphone, ceiling console for TRX exercises for a total of 7 people, wooden ribs (ladders) and benches
  • Lockers with the lock 


 Important information

We respect the visitors' privacy in the Wellness Center, so please always make a reservation for required services by phone: 577 005 918 or 577 005 915.

In the use of the sauna and the Whirlpool, a linen cloth is available to the visitors, for a bath towel and bathrobes small fee is required, bath slippers are for purchase only. Please take in to consideration our environment and please use only the necessary amount of linen cloth that is needed. At the end of the relaxation, the collection baskets for linen are set aside.

Refreshments (drinks), bathrobe rental or slippers are provided at the reception of the Wellness Center, see Counter Pricelist.

Children aged 3 to 14 have access to the Wellness Center only with their legal guardians.

If you use wellness services that exceed CZK 1,000 per person during one visit, we are pleased to offer you a nice gift in favor of Fresh - ticket that you can use at our hotel restaurant.


Children (ages 3 to 14)

Adolescents (15-18 years), adults


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