Half board

Our guests can enjoy half-board dining in the restaurant Tomášov during their stay at our hotel.

The price for a half board dinner is €18 per person. The dinner includes soup, main meal (you can choose one out of three meals) and a desert. These menus are rotating, so we can not quarrantee,  which of them will be served during your stay. Please find the half board menu here:




You can select half board option when making reservation of your room in our hotel.


If the guests arrive before 2 p.m., they can order any dish from the menu offered in arrival day.
If the guests arrive between 2 p.m. and  6 p.m., there may be only some dishes from the menu available, our waiting staff will advise you on the selection of meals available.
If the guests arrive after 6 p.m., we will prepare a panini, a selection of fruit and a some sweets.