„It is a pleasure to come back there year after year...“



„My husband, my son and I are coming from France every year since 2010 for the Barum Rally, and in 2012, we have discovered the Tomasov Hotel. We have been welcomed in a completely new, stylish and calm hotel just above the city center. As my husband is a rally driver, he has very different timing as us, and the reception is always ready, aware of everything and listen to all our needs. My son always have privileged stays at the Tomasov, and I know all the staff always keep an eye on him, they always prepare some toys, and lollipops for him. The rooms are clean, spacious, modern, luminous. A cleaning staff is always working around, special attentions are always in your room when you come back. There is a big parking for visitors. And even it is a clinic, you do not feel it, and our stay is like in a normal hotel. The restaurant is always proposing some daily menus with the "à la carte" one and the prices are really good. We have to say that Tomasov Hotel never failed in answering all our requests, and it is a pleasure to come back there year after year.“

Alexandra Consani

“Great place to stay, particularly if you are having treatment at the Zlin CRM.”


We arrived for three weeks which included treatment at the Zlin CRM. There was ample parking and we have never failed to find a parking space in the hotel car park. When we arrived we were met by lovely and friendly staff at reception. We headed up to our room and settled for the night. The rooms are lovely, they are modern, bright (2 huge windows) and very clean. Someone has mentioned previously that the rooms were small. I would disagree. No, they are not huge and spacious, but they are not small, they are of average size of any hotel room. The wifi (which is free) is absolutely outstanding. We had 2 phones, a laptop, a kindle and a casting device all running simultaneously and we were not disappointed. We were able to stream UKTV live, the wifi was so good!! The TV in the room is a large 42" flat screen mounted on the wall, it had excellent picture quality. The beds were very comfortable, as is standard with a lot of hotels, there was only one pillow, but we phoned down to reception and had another 2 pillows within 5 minutes. We have had a great sleep every night. I have heard a couple of people complain that the bathroom has glass walls, this is technically true, but the glass is frosted and privacy is fine, especially if it is only you and your partner. I think someone said they were worried about staff coming in whilst they were in the shower??? Erm, there is a do not disturb sign and the staff do respect it. Every staff member we encountered from the front of house staff, cleaning/domestic team, kitchen staff and clinic team we friendly, helpful and overall, just lovely to speak and deal with. I had a massage from the in house masseuse. I would highly recommend it. She was absolutely amazing!!!!! The food was lovely, but the menu is very limited, which can be a little monotonous if you are here for an extended period, but all the food the served was done exceptionally well and was very tasty. I would recommend this hotel to any one for any purpose, however, for those having treatment at Zlin CRM, it makes the whole experience, excellent. Currently they are building a spa in the basement, which I am gutted I never got to use, but I think once it is completed this great hotel will become exceptional!

Lanarkshirelass39 via TripAdvisor